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02.Jul.2018 Written by

Jim Leonard, mechanical engineer, educator: The United States has been a leader in world peace and economic growth for a long time. It has made mistakes that should be acknowledged and corrected. Starting in 2017, the President has made it very clear that he considers himself and his policies better than many citizens and nations. This is a unique situation in the history of the United States and has upset relations with many countries and people around the world. This article concisely describes the situation and suggests what should be done. Nuclear power requires political leadership, a well run economy, good schools and universities. The United States has a lot of improvement to do. It won't happen with a president acting with little regard for most of the rest of the government, a very large percent of its citizens and disrespect for other countries.

23.Oct.2017 Written by

Thomas Cochran, physicist, lead anti-nuclear power advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Council: Nuclear power is the only energy that can meet all the world's electrical energy needs for thousands of years. It is reliable, clean, safer than almost anything else mankind does. He wants the USA and the world to stop using nuclear energy. He has been working towards this goal since the 1970s.

06.Apr.2019 Written by

Richard McPherson, electrical power and grid security expert. He is pursuing executable humanitarian solutions under the nexus of agriculture, water and energy.: The world population has grown from about one billion to over 7 billion in less than 200 years. This is due to the benefits of fossil fuels, hydro-electric and nuclear and their many by-products. In order to save the planet from horrific political and military situations in the 1940s, the United States had to be the major producer of vast amounts of war materials and the leader in the fight against all enemies in World War II. In the meantime, many private organizations and elected officials in the USA have worked to hobble the greatness of America so that it will fall from world leadership. This article describes the tremendous accomplishments of the United States that saved the world in the 1940s. This capability must be preserved to lead the world to solve even greater challenges today.

07.Aug.2019 Written by

John Eidson, electrical engineer: Retired people like John Eidson can speak openly, without reservation. Here is an article about education in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and our photo comments about education elsewhere.

17.Jul.2016 Written by

Marjorie Hecht remembers an outstanding biologist, great outdoors person, talented craftsperson and young cancer fighter. Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA presents stories of why radioisotopes and radiation are important in nuclear medicine. Nuclear science can improve lives for people around the world. In the end, we are telling great stories of people's lives. See Christine Craig's article, "Radioisotopes: The Medical Lifesavers That Congrress Is Suppressing." Use search box for Christine Craig.

10.Feb.2019 Written by

David Wojick, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, CFACT, Washington, D.C., Ph.D. Philosophy of Science and Mathematical Logic, B.Sc. Civil Engineering: The Green New Deal has two features which, taken together, will make it a nightmare for Democrats in the upcoming national elections. First, it is a wonderful wish list of goals the Democrats hold dear. But second, the actions it calls for are impossible. In particular, they would be impossibly expensive, even for tax-and-spend Democrats. The Green New Deal is simply preposterous. This unholy combination sets up a dilemma for every Democrat candidate, for the Presidency, House or Senate. The problem is that every Democrat candidate will have to declare whether or not they endorse the Green New Deal.

24.Apr.2018 Written by

Don Bogard, isotopic and nuclear geochemistry: Professional summary with NASA and research about climate change in retirement.

15.Feb.2018 Written by

Llewellyn King is executive producer and host of "White House Chronicle" on PBS: The SpaceX Falcon heavy rocket launch on February 6, 2018 was a showcase of American technology and know-how. It was a clear statement that the individual can still triumph in the United States. Although he made his first $500 selling a game program when he was 12, and his first billion as a founder of PayPal, Musk's real claim to fame is as an engineer and physicist. His Tesla electric car may not survive as the industry leader, but today it is out front.

11.Jul.2019 Written by

John Eidson, electrical engineer: Fed a constant diet of economic lies by anti-capitalists in our society, the millennial generation has been conned into believing that the wealthy get rich only by stealing an unfair slice of America’s economic pie. By taking more than their fair share, the theory goes, greedy corporate CEOs leave little but crumbs for everyone else. Such thinking is referred to as the zero sum theory of economics: that there is only one finite-sized pie to go around. In truth, America does not have a finite economic pie. Rather, it has a virtually unlimited supply of ever-evolving economic pies of varying sizes waiting to be made by enterprising people from every race and every income group.

12.Feb.2019 Written by

Congress Woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D, NY launched her Green New Deal February 7, 2019. It is by far the largest plan ever for the United States government to take control of most aspects of every American's life and spend tremendous amounts of money that doesn't exist. It would far surpass the artificial economies of Communist China and the Soviet Union. This is a massive transformation of American society with clear goals and timeline. The Green New Deal resolution is a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society at a scale never seen before. It aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and create economic prosperity for all. This is preposterous: If implemented, it will replace the unmatched successful capitalism economic model with a profoundly failed socialism economic model. It will obliterate the American currency, which is already seriously compromised by four decades of accumulating a 20 trillion dollar national debt. It will exceed this national debt many times over.

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