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Several energy types
Several energy types (82)

Discusses most or all energy sources used today.

18.Nov.2017 Written by

Michel Gay: Le projet de loi sur la transition énergétique contient, dans son article premier, une réduction à 50% de la part du nucléaire dans la production d’électricité par rapport à 2012, et une montée de la part des énergies renouvelables intermittentes, notamment l'éolien et le solaire.

24.Jul.2018 Written by

Richard McPherson, LCDR, U.S. Navy (Retired), Represented United States at the IAEA Chernobyl accident assessment. Co-Founder of Global Humanitarian Resources, Inc. helping humanity under the nexus of agriculture, water and energy: In a new Middle East, largely secured by their own joint force, the U.S. could shift its Middle East relationship away from investing tax dollars in the Department of Defense for ships, aircraft, helicopters and military personnel to safeguard the oil flow out of those countries. Instead, our relationship could focus on private investment for long-term energy security for the world.

16.Jan.2019 Written by

Joshua Goldstein, emeritus professor of international relations and Staffan Qvist, Dept. of Physics and Astrophysics, Uppsala University, Sweden: Their article claims that the world only has 30 years to completely stop using fossil fuels and completely implement nuclear for all uses that fossil fuels are now used. Purely imaginary.

16.Jan.2019 Written by

Stratek Technology Leadership Programme, G C T Mathibe, John Shanahan: The Stratek Technology Programme is dedicated to training young engineers for key management careers. G C T Mathibe's thesis addresses the issue of sound infrastructure management. Only in a few countries, notably France and Switzerland has infrastructure management been done exceedingly well, consistently for a long time. This is essential. Otherwise, all the beautiful new cities, transportation systems, etc. of the modern era will break down and won't work well. One problem is that elected politicians in many countries control the budget for infrastructure management. Politicians get many more votes for new bridges and highways than for maintenance of the same. Hence the big problem.

30.Mar.2019 Written by

Jon Boone, naturalist, environmentalist, bird expert and artist, wind energy expert and John Shanahan, civil engineer advocate for sound energy planning worldwide: In many countries, energy planning for generation of electricity is a mixed process consisting of No-Truths and Half-Truths promoted by special interest groups of all kinds. For the world to advance as best as possible it would be good to deal simply with Whole-Truths about fossil fuels, hydro-electric and nuclear energy. Similar issues apply to energy for all uses besides electricity. That will be discussed in a separate essay.

26.Jan.2019 Written by

Kelvin Kemm is a nuclear physicist and Chairman of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation and Nuclear Africa (Pty) Ltd: This article explains how nuclear can use coal to create petrol for many transportation applications. Somewhat more than a third of South Africa’s petrol is derived from coal via the SASOL operation. When South Africa was developing its own SMR the PBMR, SASOL was interested in building a PBMR near one of the catalytic cracking plants to supply process heat. At present the largest SASOL plant is in a town called Secunda. It burns coal to provide the process heat to crack the rest of the coal. About 60% of the coal brought into Secunda is burnt to provide the heat to crack the other 40%. So the idea was to build the SMR of about 100MW and then to use its heat directly to chemically process 100% of the coal to liquid fuels, including diesel, aviation fuel and so on. This was projected to be able to reduce the cost of petrol significantly.

11.Dec.2017 Written by

Michel Gay: Obama est vraiment très fort. Son "America's clean power plan" (plan américain pour une énergie propre) donne bonne conscience au peuple américain, fait plaisir aux écolos du monde entier (c'est bon pour l'image), et aussi à notre Ministre de l'environnement, Ségolène Royal, qui l'a félicité sur Twitter "pour ses efforts sincères".

31.Oct.2018 Written by

Michael Shellenberger, Founder - President of Environmental Progress: We are writing as scientists, scholars, and concerned citizens to warn you of a persistent anti-nuclear bias in the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on keeping global temperatures from rising 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

11.Dec.2017 Written by

Bruno Comby, nuclear engineer, Founder-President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - International, in French, Association des Ecologistes Pour le Nucléaire,, and Institute Bruno Comby,, covering many aspects of healthy living and how people survive in the third world live: This is a PowerPoint Presentation in English given to audiences in Colorado and Montana, USA in 2015. It covers fossil fuels, nuclear power and natural radiation which exceeds radiation from nuclear power plants.

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